Nigel Harpur

Composer and recording artist with a mostly cross-genre approach. His primary instrument was guitar but in recent years he has become adept at writing for ‘whatever’ instrument… in fact he just can’t stop. His influences come from the large range of styles he has liked over the years, from solo acoustic guitar picking to the fusion of jazz/rock/funk, with just about every other stop along the way. His website is the gateway to all things ‘Nige’ and can be found at

Bark Prelude

The maestro behind this project is one Philip Lewis-Jones, a wonderful songwriter, pianist and keyboard player. He has a select band of collaborating players when it comes to recording his songs and albums, all of whom add their flavours to the mix. Always original and compelling, the best place to visit and get to know Bark Prelude’s ever growing back catalogue of beautiful songs and music is their excellent Bandcamp page at

Rob Jefferys

Rob’s been a lover of music since childhood, embracing many styles over the years. He built his first synthesiser as a schoolboy, from scratch, and it worked! He went on to have a successful career in electronics design and his skills in that world, combined with his love of Indian food, earned him the affectionate nickname of ‘Professor Jalfrezi’ amongst his close friends. Now he spends his days collecting rare synths, walking the dog and writing very beautiful music for the aforementioned synths. His YouTube channel is the place to go at