Old Chinas*

Danny Kyle - a brilliant exponent of bluesy fingerpicking guitar, with a natural feel for the varied styles he works in. He writes and performs his own excellent material as well as rendering beautiful versions of more (and less!) famous tunes by other folks. His singing is as infectious as his playing and all in all his music is a joy.
Maria Mann - a writer of rare imagination and a gifted illustrator as well. Her books are full of wonder, vivid insight and empathy. A long time endurer of the horrible illness M.E., she fills her writing with humour and wit, never diminishing what it means to live with long term troubles, but always dealing with those harder aspects of life in an upbeat and inspiring way. Her books are thoroughly recommended.
Bark Prelude - the creation of an original and talented songwriter & keyboardist, Philip Lewis-Jones. The songs are multi-faceted and full of fresh melodies, with 'real' lyrics that bear listening to many times over. There is much humour and sharp observation in play, which combined with Philip's excellent compositional and arranging talents make for something really special.
Radio St Austell Bay - is the station that serves St Austell and surrounding area in Cornwall, the beautiful 'kingdom' in the far West of the British Isles. Broadcasting on 105.6 FM, the lovely Sheila Vanloo has been playing tracks from Collage every Sunday night on her show 'Cornwall Sound Lounge' between 7.00pm and 10.00pm and she's an angel. The FM signal may not go worldwide but the internet feed does!